Definitely embarrassed!

These two words, especially “definitely”,  have been haunting me since I was a young child long before the days of spell check and google.  It was only a year ago that a brave young man (thank you Brandon) called me out on my (constant) horrific spelling of “definitely.”  I, like many other Americans,  long ago accidently selected “add to dictionary” for the wrong spelling of the word.  WordPress doesn’t even recognize the misspelling (“defiantly”) with a red squiggly.  What do they want me to do – actually use my brain when I type?  I probably even misspelled “definitely” more than once in this paragraph.

Ah, well, live and learn, eh?  While I am good at many things, I don’t consider spelling one of them.  That’s what computers are for, right?

What words do you constantly misspell? (Now I’m second guessing how to spell “misspell.” told me I’m correct.  Phew.)

You know what else? I feel like I was caught by the paparazzi and some top secret images leaked of me. Definitely Embarrassed! Last night, while I was traveling home from my second swim practice of the day finally having gotten my life in order  from my once questionable past, pictures emerged from “that summer.”  Yeah, the summer of my life…

(Woke up to this in the bathroom one morning in the OBX… I’m cracking up!)

That summer between my sophomore and junior year of university where I dropped a speech-hearing class I was failing (who fails speech?) the week of finals to beeline it to the beach.  I spent the summer living with 12 other misfits dodging “the real world” in a sweet beach pad, with a fridge so full of beer and food that it had to be closed shut with a bungee cord.  After convincing tourists to buy overpriced things like: Patagonia gear, Rainbow flip flops, Life is Good and Margaretville t-shirts, and  upgrade to some Maui Jim shades, I spent the remainder of the evening sitting around a huge kitchen table laughing my ass off, getting sloshed and doing keg stands.

Not my proudest moments, but definitely memories I’ll keep near and dear to my heart now that I’ve grown up and live a responsible life. (I’m just not ready for the pictures to emerge on facebook.)

The moral of this story is:

  • Go spend the summer of your life bumming around the beach while you are young before reality catches up and you have to hold a real job with “adult” responsibilities like mortgages, car payments, and kids for that matter (no, I’m not pregnant).
  • Remember everything makes its way to the internet so be careful who takes your picture.
  • Just because you go off to university, doesn’t mean that you can stop working out.  You all saw what I came home looking like on Christmas breaks.  Just don’t do it kids.
  • Stay out of trouble, or marry a lawyer.  Just kidding.
  • Once you actually have to find a “real job,” find one that you actually like doing working with people who you respect and inspire you.
  • Don’t let your “tagged” images show up on your facebook page for the world to see.  You never know what will emerge.
  • Be the owner of the videos from “the summer of your life” so you ensure they never make it on youtube.
  • And if you want to turn your life around, you can!  Hard work, determination, and some life changes can make a huge difference to your mental and physical health.

High School – 2000 (I’m on the left.)
kathleen and i 3

2003 – Australia (the lowest of lows – um… hello Freshman 40!  sniff, sniff) – great memory though… in Australia waiting for a train we went looking for koalas on this property when a big pitt bull came out of nowhere.  We named him “Bear” and fed him cookies so he wouldn’t eat us for dinner.
Bear the pit bull that greet us in the middle of the woods
(I never want to go back to feeling so out of control with my life ever again. )

2010 – Dave and I’s Wedding…. I married the guy who motivates me, encourages me, and makes me strive to be a better person!  I love you Dave.

And welcome to my blog. I just recently posted my link on Facebook, where 650 friends now have access to it.  If you are one of them, I hope you find something useful here.



PS – How many times did I spell “definitely” wrong in this post?

PPS – Most of the 12 misfits from “the summer of my life” turned out pretty damn good if I say so myself.

ETA:  This just in from “the summer of my life” and it is entitled “Redemption Song.” Cracking up over Chris here with his sax.

Redemtion Song



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3 responses to “Definitely embarrassed!

  1. Oh the fond memories we all have from our college years. Definitely a train wreck, but I’d I’d do it all over again in a heart beat! I think those crazy times helped form the wonderful adult I am today! (and I use the word “wonderful” loosely!)

    One word that I always get wrong: caffeine (always want to spell it caffiene). (I used to spell definitely wrong too…it was definately…then I learned the error of my ways…

  2. Jordan

    HA! Now I can read your blog without feeling guilty for internet stalking you! I have found a couple of blogs that you might glean a nugget or two of interesting information from: (I’ve been wanting to master the art of pressure cooking for awhile now and this is a great reference point) (My eventual end goal so that I don’t feel so guilty all the time for taking out more than I put back in)

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