Vegan Pizza in Tampa Bay

Normally when the daily deals (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.) clutter my inbox every morning, I brush over anything related to pizza.  Pizza isn’t actually vegan friendly, and I’m not a big fan of soy cheese. 

Dave loves pizza though.  He seems to get his fix in when I’m away on business.  Pizza and hamburgers. 

Today though, the pizza picture caught my eye.  They looked delicious.  After enjoying pizza in San Francisco a few weeks ago without cheese, I thought, “hm…let me just look at the menu and see what they have.” 


I don’t always buy the Groupon and LivingSocial  deals, but I always like to look at the menus for the restaurant deals and see if they have anything vegan.  (I also subscribe to @VeganDeals on Twitter for Vegan deals across the country.)

To my surprise, Pizza Fusion has vegan pizzas on their menu.  And not only that, but they have a vegan, gluten-free homemade brownie on their menu too.  The only thing their menu doesn’t have is prices, but with a slogan as good as, “Saving the Earth one pizza at a time,” I’ll forgive them. 

So, I bought the deal, and I don’t think I’ll have a hard time convincing Dave that we need to go here stat.  I’m thinking for lunch after Gasparilla this weekend. 

Other Tampa Bay pizza joints:

Pizza Fusion (menu) – 9556 W. Linebaugh Ave. Westchase –
(813) 792-1516

Gourmet Pizza Company (menu) – 610 S. Armenia Ave. Tampa – (813) 258-1999

Mellow Mushroom (menu) – 10959 Causeway Blvd., Brandon – (813) 685-1122

Viitals Bakery & Cafe (menu) – 6605 North Florida Avenue –
(813) 443-4567    (cafe that sells vegan pizza crust)


Does anyone know of any other vegan pizza joints in the Tampa Bay area?  in St. Petersburg?


Eat well,



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7 responses to “Vegan Pizza in Tampa Bay

  1. Heather

    Pizza Fusion is great! I have tried their pizzas with the soy cheese and without and I prefer without. They have so many yummy veggies to put on the pizza, I never miss the cheese. I went vegan in January 2009 and the only challenge is eating out with friends, this restaurant offers something for the meat lovers as well as the veggie lovers. Good luck with the Gasparilla Race! I am not a runner, so I will be walking the 5K and it should be a beautiful day! Enjoy!

  2. if i come visit, you gotta take me to one of those pizza places k 😛

  3. Brandon

    Seriously? Pizza Fusion requires $150k cash and $500k net worth in order to start a franchise. I mean, I knew it cost a lot to open a restaurant, but jeez. Sounds like a company I could get on board with though.

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