You win some…

… and you lose some! 

I’ll put today’s race in the “lose some” category.  Ah, well.  ‘Tis life.  If nothing else it was a nice run along Bayshore Blvd. with my husband by my side and nearly 11,000 others.  

Gasparilla Start

No let’s get serious.  I didn’t really take this out like a runner should have.  Then again, I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a runner. 

The Expo.  I can shop though….

I met up with Jena at the Expo last night to pick up our goods and lust over gear and technical clothing that I don’t need or already have 10 of. 


Now that I’ve completed the race, I’ve decided, nah… I won’t really run for booty. 


Jena will though.  She kicked some major ass!


We ran into our friend Jenny, who ran the 15k and then the 5k right after.  (No thanks, but…. Go Jenny. )


Having been “foam rolling” daily (advised from PT), I was totally distracted by The Stick booth at the expo.  I starting rambling off my issues to whoever would listen,  and next thing I know this nice lady is “sticking” my left calf.  I have been feeling this weird feeling down my left leg that I thought was related to my recent injuries, but I wasn’t sure.  Low and behold there are two huge knots.  Lovely.  Not that I felt the knots once I started running today, but whatever, add that to the list of things to fix. 


If I didn’t just buy a chunk of foam for an exorbitant amount of money, I’d probably have bought The Stick.  Way easier to maneuver. 

So what’s next?  Time to get healthy and try to manage this spondylolysis that I apparently have but am in denial about. I have been going to weekly physical therapy sessions (not sure how much they really are helping) and I see the doc again this week. 

Funny, but really what’s next?  Right… Okay, I’m saying “screw you running” and hitting the pool and bike.  I’ll still run a little bit each week, I guess if I have to. I have a swim meet this Saturday, and I’m ready (to get ready) for Tri Season.  Hello 5ks. Goodbye 15ks.

My Garmin’s Stats: What the hell?  I ran faster around my block this week.


Offical Race Time: 1:33:08

I need to get over this like fast, and start feeling positive about my efforts like now.  That’s right.  I’m going swimming tomorrow. For now though, I’m getting in bed with my library book The Happiness Project.

Be well,



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10 responses to “You win some…

  1. I can imagine that it’s tough. “Real runners” (I hate that term). So, maybe “people who have been running distance for years”, know that sometimes you have bad races. My boss has been running marathons for years, so bad ones don’t bother him any more.

    I only ran distance for about a year, and for me, every race counted. So when I missed my goal by 5 sec at my 2nd half, I was disappointed. And now I’ve been injured for 10 months and can’t run at all, and it ticks me off.

    So I swim and bike, but I’m not particularly great at those either. I look forward to tri season, but I’ll pretty much be just walking the run part. 😦

    • I’ve only been running for 3 years now, and competitively for a year. Before that it was just for fun. I’m very competitive with myself, so I don’t like not improving. I understand sometimes I will have bad races, but I’m see a trend that my long runs just are not all that great. It isn’t like I enjoy running 9.3 miles anyways. So I’m thinking it’s time to go back to the 5ks.

      The hard part is — I’ll miss long runs with my running buddy… Jena below. It is like were breaking up. Makes me sad. 😉

  2. lifeisbeachykeen

    This whole post has me laughing. What the hell happened to my face in that picture w/ the three of us?

    Well, I’m sorry you didn’t have the race you wanted. I guess you definitely need to treat that spondylosis(sp?).. I’m in denial as well that you are “injured.” Sad to lose my long run buddy, but its obviously not worth your health! Hopefully this fall we can do some 5ks together!

    • Your face? I was too busy looking at mine where I look f-r-e-a-k-y. So we are both in denial… I feel like I have to break up with you for some silly reason like “our parents won’t let us hang out anymore” or something like that. I’m going to miss my long run buddy…. but I think if I take some time off of my running game, I can be back in the 5k game.

      Plus…. we are relay buddies. HELL YEAH! I can’t wait for that race!!!

      Congrats again today. You were looking hot-to-trot when I yelled at you.

  3. You still did pretty well. I started to fall apart after mile 5, too.

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  5. Hope swimming goes awesome tomorrow. Sorry you didn’t run the race you wanted today, but I’m sure if you stick with PT you’ll be able to sort things out. Plus, it’s ok that you may be stronger at swimming and biking. ( I’m semi- awful at both, so I’m in awe of you triathletes :D).

    Congrats on your race, and hope you can work those knots out with the foam roller!

  6. I hate to admit it, but I HATE the Gasparilla course! I ran the 15k back in 2008 and then the half marathon in 2009 – and I hated the course both times and vowed to never do it again…so I don’t know what urged us to sign up for the 15k again this year. Needless to say, that damn course SUCKED THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF ME again this year and my husband had a bad race too! So lets just blame it on the course, deal?

    Although I’m happy to say that I found out that the guy that collapsed on the course survived – I passed him just as he was getting CPR and shocked with the paddles and thought he died. I had trouble the rest of the race after seeing that. So it’s music to my ears (eyes?) to read that he made it!

  7. I think bad races are inevitable. My last half marathon sucked the life out of me, too. I just kept thinking, why can’t I make my legs move any faster? Why am I not enjoying this at all? Weird when I loved running a full marathon a few weeks earlier.

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