Introducing Valentino

Carrera Cortina2
Valentino (Tino for short) is an Italian bike made by Carerra that Red Rose Imports describes as using

aluminum-carbon combination to provide a successful compromise between stiffness, lightweight and comfort. The special aluminum 7005 T6, triple butted, tig welded oversize tubes combined with a rear carbon wishbone to provide the structure of a frame with characteristics that are of superior level. The carbon rear cage dampens road vibrations giving excellent riding comfort and manageability.

Back Wheel and Sram Gear  Front Wheel and Handle bars
Saddle and DeRosa Stem Sram Gears and Look Keo Classic Pedals

I picked him up on Thursday and gave him his first ride today at Flatwoods.

Carolyn at Flatwoods

It was another beautiful day, and a perfect start to Spring! 


Tino is a slick ride, and we had fun hitting the road this morning. 

As I was reading Triathlon Magazine last night, I picked up a “Test Before You Train” workout that I did this morning.  I needed fancier equipment to test all the things the articles speaks about, so I just decided to track my HR and distance.  I totally forgot to restart my odometer during the 20 minute test, so scratch that data.  I also was feeling so good that I pushed hard for 35 minutes instead. 


The results of my 35 minutes test are this: Max HR: 170, Average HR: 141, Distance: no clue.  Tino and I have lots of work to do between now and my first Tri of the season in June. 

The cool down was nice and easy.  I enjoyed the morning and my new bike, and rode my last 7 miles leisurely.  Tino wanted to pick it up a bit, but I was perfectly happy coasting along, even getting passed by the old people on those sit down bikes. 

I’m super excited to get to know Valentino better, and see how he can help me with my Triathlons this summer.  Have I mentioned that I’m maybe, probably, most likely, my-coach-is-really-trying-to-talk-me-into doing the 5150 Clearwater on November 12th?

5150 Clearwater is the event’s series finale.  What is cool about this race, unlike others in the series, is that 5150 Clearwater does not require qualifying.  That’s means average chumps like myself can race with (I mean behind) the cream of the crop.

Also, this would be my first Olympic distance Tri.  Holla.

Tino and I are looking forward to this journey!  Happy Spring.


Be well,



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9 responses to “Introducing Valentino

  1. Carolyn, I hope you stay safe and enjoy your new bike… looking pretty fancy…You are a hoot !!! Love, Your Momma

  2. Squuueeeeee! (That’s me squealing with excitement!) 5150 Clearwater looks like an awesome event!! When I saw this post I immediately thought to myself “I think I’ll do this one instead of Siesta Key!!!” …then I realized there’s no Athena division & that there will be legitimate PROS there…so now I think it might be a bit intense for a newbie like me…maybe I’ll stick with something smaller & eye this one again next year?!

    Great to know your first trip with Tino was a good one! Hope he continues to be good to you!

  3. I’m rather clueless when it comes to bikes, but I can clearly see Tino is a beauty!! Glad you had a nice ride, and hope everything works out great as you train. The Olyimpic distance sounds pretty intense, but with a bike like this how could you not go for it?? 🙂 Enjoy!

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