Bulk Foods & Grains

After my amazing Sampler Salad at Central Cafe and Organics on Saturday, I’ve been inspired to make one of my own.

I set out to do it yesterday, but I was seriously lacking in the grain department.  I opted for a nap instead of braving the crazy roads to the health foods store.  This morning though, I got up bright and early to replenish my stash.

DSC00961 Bulgur Wheat, Wheat Berries, and Chia Seeds

As I was filling up in the bulk food section, a lady stopped me and asked what I planned on making with each item.


With the bulgur , I plan to  make tabouli.  Tabouli, also spelled tabboule or tabouleh, is a popular dish in the Middle East.  You find it next to it’s sidekick, hummus, in many Lebanese dishes.

I will roughly follow a recipe in Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook and plan to serve it on a salad tri like I had at Central Cafe – greens with a scoop hummus and wheat berries.

I’ve never cooked wheat berries before.

This is about the time I wish I had a pressure cooker to get them done like 5 minutes ago.  The cooking directions on the bin indicated that I need to soak them overnight.  So much for instant gratification.

Chia Seeds, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and provide you healthy servings of protein and fiber.

I mainly eat chia seeds in my morning smoothies, but you can also add them to your oatmeal, breads, pancakes, or sprinkled on top of your favorite salad.  They are basically flavorless with a very slight nutty taste.

When you shop in bulk foods often, you can easily be on your way to a messy pantry.  You place the nuts, seeds, grains, cereals, and spics in plastic bags that don’t work with organization.  In our pantry, I keep the beans and seeds in their bags, and place them by ‘type’ in plastic bins.  For the smaller items, like chia seeds or flax seeds, I place them in recycled glass jars in my cabinet.


Do you shop in bulk foods?  Any tips for making wheat berries?

Enjoy your day!

Be well,



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4 responses to “Bulk Foods & Grains

  1. I love buying my grains in bulk (from our mutually loved Granary, of course). Not only is it a great way to get organic grains (and legumes and nuts) super cheap, but I like being able to buy them in whatever quanity I want. I think it’s a great wayt to try out new grains without the commitment of a large bag. I’ve never bought wheat berries or chia seeds before, but I think you’ve just motivated me to give them a try soon.

    • Oh, yes, the Granary. I miss the Sarasota health food scene. 🙂 Well, I miss the city all together!

      I need to get to soaking the wheat berries so I can cook them tomorrow!

      Do you have a pressure cooker?

  2. ahh im so jealous of your wheat berries!! they dont have bulk bins in the grocer stores in the UK.. at least the ones I go to! 😦

  3. I practically own stocks at our local Bulk Barn for everything from whey protein isolate, Gatorade crystals, peanut butter, assorted seeds and grains, cooking spices and, yes, treats too. Sue me…I have the metabolism of Godzilla. I always thought that wheat berries were something you’d find in the Smurf forrest or something…

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