Lured in by BOGO

First things first.  After a day of travel and one too many bags of airline pretzels , all I wanted was a real meal.  Okay, really, all I wanted was a chocolate-banana smoothie.  I hereby declare this is what I want as my last meal.  In case you are taking notes, make sure those bananas are frozen when they are nice and ripe before you throw them in the blender.  So, that’s 2 bananas – frozen at peak ripeness, a handful of ice, and 3 cups lite chocolate soy milk.   I know that serves about 3.5, but I want it all to myself.  Thanks.

Being without my beloved VitaMix for a week while on vacation and forced to eat what normal people do for brekkie – cereal or oatmeal – I’ve been feeling smoothie deprived. 

So after getting Lucky’s tongue up my nose (she was so excited to see me), taking her on a long walk through the ‘hood, throwing in massive amounts of red rock stained clothes into the washer, I decided to head to the grocery store, with two things in mind – Chocolate Soy Milk and Bananas. 

Oh, I got my bananas – all 12lbs of them – and yes, Dave and I will eat them all this week, but Publix was sold out of Silk’s Lite Chocolate Soy Milk.  Bummer.  Super Bummer.

That was until I passed these gems.  Diana’s Bananas.


A quick look at the ingredients revealed they were in fact vegan with bananas and chocolate being listed. 


At first pass, I put them back in the freezer thinking, “I can make these myself” and “I really want a Chocolate-Banana smoothie, not chocolate + banana on a stick.” 

After being disappointed that there was no chocolate soy milk in sight, I found myself drawn back to them.  I was lured in by the BOGO.


Dave says chocobananas are big in Honduras.  (I’ll let you be the judge!)



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6 responses to “Lured in by BOGO

  1. Thanks from all of us at Diana’s Bananas for giving us a try! I’m on the edge of my seat, what did you think? Did it live up to your expectations? Was it a good substitute for your smoothie? Let us know what you think…
    Susan Burns
    Social Marketing, Diana’s Bananas

  2. xveganx

    These are NOT VEGAN. The ingredients currently list “butter oil” and the nutritional information lists cholesterol, while the front of the box still reads “Dairy free.” I don’t know if they ever were. I have emails from the company verifying this, where they offer several contradictory excuses. Despicable.

    • Wow. Thanks for this update.

      • xveganx

        Sure thing. Here is another update: Now, according to the company, they were NEVER vegan, since their inception at some point in the early 1980s, but now they are and have been since January 1st, 2012 after someone discovered that butter oil is not vegan. For some undefined period before that, they listed butter oil and cholesterol on the packaging, along with dairy free. Does it seem confusing? Yup.

  3. xveganx

    Unfortunately, they have still avoided addressing any of this publicly. You can call and ask to speak to the president of the company, Bob Carmody, at 312 498 1354, and see what he has to say about it all.

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