The Arizona Vacation

… that almost didn’t happen.

This is the second post in a series about our Arizona trip and Grand Canyon hike from April 2011. To read more, check out these other posts:

The beginning of our Grand Canyon Hike


Since starting his own law firm, Dave has fortunately been busy with work.  As a trial attorney, he is often at the mercy of a Judge’s calendar when it comes to scheduling  whatever they do in court (none of which I fully understand).  So while Dave cleared his calendar, there was always the possibility of a Judge scheduling something during our time away.  I never actually thought this would happen. The only thing I thought we really had to worry about was the Feds shutting down the Grand Canyon due to their bickering over the budget.

So when I got the call from Dave two days before our trip that he might not be able to go on vacation due to a trial set the Monday after we return, I was a little bummed.  I played the supportive wife who understands that work comes first while talking to him (meanwhile I sent whiny texts to all my friends), because I know he was bummed too.

All these thoughts raced through my head.  I’d been planning this trip for 13 months.  Hiking the Grand Canyon was the one and only thing on my imaginary bucket list.  I really want to experience this with my husband.  I can’t hike alone. And so on, and so forth.

If any of you are married to a trial attorney, you know what it is like in the weeks, days, and minutes leading to a trial.  Basically, they spend that time locked in their office only surfacing to eat (maybe) and sleep (barely).

Dave spent the next two days working till the wee hours of the morning, doing whatever it is that a lawyer does to prepare.  The day before we were set to leave, Dave called me and said he still didn’t know if he could go on our trip.  Another curve ball was thrown, and he had so much to get done before we were set to leave, he didn’t think he could do it.  Again, I played the supportive wife, cleaning the house, packing our bags, and pretending like it was just a bad April Fool’s Joke.


It wasn’t until he walked in the door at 11:30 pm the night before our flight that he gave the trip the green light.  He could leave for vacation, with the caveat that he would have to work some days.  We had a deal!

The morning of our departure, we made a quick stop at his office so he could (you guessed it) work, and then we headed to the Tampa Airport.

The airport was packed.  I have never seen TPA this crowded in all of my travels, especially on a Friday morning.

After waiting 30 minutes to check our bags and 15 minutes to get through security, we arrived at our gate just in the nick of time.   Like any second later and the $20 I paid to Southwest for priority boarding would have been pointless.

It was nice to have a direct flight to Phoenix, and Dave even got to sit next to a celebrity.  Play Boy model Jo Garcia was seated in his row.  The only thing keeping him from this hotness was her well greased, tanned, and bleached boyfriend.  We, of course, didn’t know she was anything special until we deplaned, and I happened to notice her bag tag that stated in big black letters “JO GARCIA – PLAYBOY.”  A quick google search confirmed her status. (Here, I’ll make it easy on you) Baggage tags + google = a deadly weapon and an impressive PR move.

After heading to baggage claim and on the long bus ride to the car rental center, I then proceeded to get swindled for a rental car upgrade.

Hello brand new ford mustang convertible.  Meet the doubled car rental bill.


I was feeling kinda guilty about the extra cost until my hair was blowing in the wind and my skin was getting kissed by the Arizona sun.  Dave and I were officially on vacation.

Up next, a late lunch at True Food Kitchen and the world’s longest spreadsheet print out.

Be well,



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