Earth Day Chocolate Giveaway

It’s no lie.  I’ve been on a chocolate binge.  The folks at Endangered Species Chocolate recognized this and sent me some samples to fuel the madness.  I had my last tiny piece from the depths of my secret stash yesterday at lunch.  It was a happy, yet sad moment. 


With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, ESC is partnering with Whole Foods for an Earth Day Contest so bloggers can get involved as well.  What that really means, is that it is time for my lovely readers to come out of the woodworks, and score $25 worth of free Chocolate.  And just in time for the Easter Bunny too! 

Before I get to the rules (I don’t particularly like rules, but these are enforced by ESC, and are in the name of free chocolate, so I’ll play along), let me tell you why I love Endangered Species Chocolate. 

1.  They are passionate about chocolate AND the environment.  Winning.
2. All-natural, organic, and VEGAN chocolate.  Winning.
3. They donate 10% of profits to habitat conservation.  Winning. 
4.  The dark chocolate mint bite-sized suckers are tied for my all time favorite chocolate. Winning.


There is something about breaking the square in four, placing a thin piece in my mouth, and letting it dissolve slowly allowing me to savor each last bit. 

When eaten in the full bar format, I just don’t get the melting effect that I love since it is a little thicker.  But beggars can’t always be choosers, so I’ll savor it either way. 


If you are like Dave – bite-sized or full sized – it really doesn’t matter as you crunch away till it is peacefully in your belly. 

ESC gave me three flavors to enjoy –  Dark Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cherries.

All were delicious, but the Dark Chocolate Mint and Dark Chocolate were my favorites. 

DO YOU WANT SOME FREE CHOCOLATE?  Enter this contest for $25 worth of free chocolate from ESC. 

Here’s how you can play!

Giveaway Entry Guidelines:
1. Leave a comment below telling us something that your plan to do for Earth Day on April 22. (I plan to plant a tree!)

2.  Visit the Endangered Species Chocolate webpage and post a comment on their blog!

3.  You can become a follower of ESC on Twitter and/or Like them on Facebook.

4.  Bonus Entry if you have a blog you can  link back to this post on my blog.  This will get you two points.

So I can track how many entries to give you as I tally everything into a handy spreadsheet, you must leave a comment below telling me how you played along. 

Contest to end on April 22, 2011 at 11:59 pm.  Winner announced on April 23, 1011.

Live well,



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28 responses to “Earth Day Chocolate Giveaway

  1. Earth day pretty much originated here in Santa Barbara. Yay for me! Our city’s celebration is this weekend.

    So Sunday we’ll join the celebration – we will, of course, walk there and walk or take the bus back (it’s 2 miles). There’s always good info about saving energy and composting (which we started doing last year).

  2. I plan to turn out all the lights!!!

    great giveaway!!

  3. i posted a comment on their blog!

  4. i ‘liked’ ESC on facebook!!

  5. Mary Ellen

    For Earth Day, I plan to plant at least one tree (that was grown & sold by a local nursery), lecture my kids (yet again) on the importance of reducing waste & recycling, and finally drop off the burned out fluorescent bulbs and old cell phones at town hall for proper disposal.

  6. LeeAnn

    We have done so many things over the years for Earth Day. This year, we are donating some plastic bags at the Disney Store. I like to see my kids have fun with Earth Day and know that it is important!

  7. LeeAnn

    I liked them on Facebook!

  8. Mary Ellen

    Went to ESC website & posted a comment about “greening Easter” on their blog, liked ESC on facebook, and signed up for their newsletter. Their chocolate is fabulous!

  9. We will be planting some blueberry and raspberry plants in our yard -also we do a reduce, reuse, recycle lesson with our kids!!

  10. just left a comment on their blog!!!! 🙂

  11. just liked them on facebook and Twitter

  12. Maureen

    It is my nieces birthday (she will be 8). I am giving her a plant of rosemary (she likes cooking with her mother). It will be so she doesn’t have to purchase a bottle of dried and her mother doesn’t have to go out and get a bottle.

  13. I now follow them on Twitter, commented on their blog, linked yours in my post, finished off my stash while blogging about chocolate, am going to start a compost for Earth Day this year, and need more chocolate before the next sweet tooth starts growing. 😀

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  15. Liesbeth

    I’ve been collecting egg cartons for our Environmental Board’s booth at the Zoo’s earth day celebration for kids. We are cutting them up into individual cups that the kids can’t plant a seed in. That way once the seed sprouts, they can plant it in the ground right in the egg carton, as we are using the cardboard ones.

    I did all the other steps too! Yah free chocolate 🙂

  16. Cari

    I plan not to drive anywhere all day :). Yay for Earth day!

  17. Mmmm…chocolate… Sounds like a great giveaway!

    In honor of Earth Day, I will give up my car for the day and also spend some time working on my patio garden.

    Off to “like” on Facebook!

  18. I will never miss an opportunity for chocolate. 🙂

    For earth day, my Daisy Girl Scouts decided to do a trash clean up of the neighborhood. Last week we were outside discovering and drawing local trees as part of a project and the girls kept noticing how much junk was lying around on the ground. I’m excited about their first totally girl-led service project. 🙂

  19. Ashley

    I plan to be even more active in encouraging my friends to take conservation seriously! 🙂

  20. Ashley

    posted on their blog 🙂

  21. Ashley

    liked them on FB!

  22. ikkinlala

    I’m not sure whether Canadians may enter, but just in case:

    I plan to plant part of the garden (in particular, cool-weather crops like peas).

  23. lehwe

    I plan to take public transport instead of driving! I plan to initiate my family to start walking more as well!

  24. I love their chocolate! Hmm…I plan on trying to go a whole day without throwing away anything that will just sit in a landfill!

  25. domestic diva

    We’re hosting a community dinner featuring all local, organic ingredients.

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