Save the Bay Swim

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Narragansett Bay has a special place in Dave’s heart.  Dave spent his summers with his family visiting Bonnet Shores and as a teenager, he was a lifeguard at the state beach.  He has fond memories of those summers, and when he gets together with his friends, they always reminisce of those carefree days.


I remember the first summer I went to Rhode Island with Dave when were just dating.

(Throw back to 2008)DSCN3207

We did all the things that Dave enjoyed doing while growing up in the Ocean State.

We went to the beach.


We cooked out.


We went to Newport.

(Dave didn’t exactly love touring mansions as a child, but we did visit the mansion where his senior prom was!  Makes my prom at the Dallas Apparel Mart seem white trash.)  DSCN3193

We ran the Blessing of the Fleet.

(You’re right!  That’s Rachel, not Dave.  He is too speedy for me.)

And we went to watch the Save the Bay swim.

It was there that I got that feeling.  You know the one that most athletes get when they watch others compete in a sport they love.


So this is my year. While most people spend their beach vacations sipping margaritas, I’ve opted to spend mine swimming across Narragansett Bay.  Consider this torture as I don a wetsuit for the first time in my life to brave the freezing cold water temperatures, the possibility of deadly sea animals, and the risk of hypothermia.

Visit my page to donate and support  this worth cause and my efforts to swim across Narragansett Bay.  Our monetary donations will be used to keep the Bay clean and healthy for future generations so that one day Dave and I can bring our kids to the same beaches he played at as a child and lifeguarded at as a teenager and create new memories of these beautiful places he loves so much.

I appreciate your support to help me reach my goal of $300 so I can swim this year’s Save the Bay!

Be well,



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4 responses to “Save the Bay Swim

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  2. Good luck, and have fun!

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