The windy city comeback

When your hotel gym was built for the 1893 World’s Fair, it’s time to either buck up and ride the old school Schwinn stationary bike or bust out the running shoes for a windy city comeback.


I choose the later.


It’s been weeks since I’ve had a substantial run, so I was unsure what I was capable of – both physically and mentally. Monday morning’s lake front view motivated me though. I ran for 40 minutes, AND I had fun doing it.


If you ever want to be alone at the bean, except for the kind Japanese lady whose finger you see in the corner above, go running before 6am.

I plan on being a human explorer dashing through town for the rest of the week as long as the night’s happy hours don’t get in the way. So far I’m 2 for 2 on the run front.


After work today, my team went to the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building.


How fun is this?


And for dinner we went to Rick Bayless’ Xoco Restaurant (Frontera had a two-hour wait so we opted for the next door “quick and low key” joint). I watch Rick on PBS – don’t judge that I don’t have cable tv and no, I don’t even subscribe to NetFlix – during my lunch sometimes. He sure beats Judge Judy and who doesn’t want to learn the secrets of guacamole? I can first hand tell you his recipe is pretty damn good- and his secret is sun dried tomatoes. Mine is grapes. 😉

For dinner I had a vegetable caldo – meal in a bowl.


I’m iPhone blogging, and its annoying so goodnight from Chicago – where I’m making the windy city running comeback. I’ve got an early morning and a long day tomorrow.


I have the coolest job and awesome co-workers!

Be well,


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One response to “The windy city comeback

  1. >>When your hotel gym was built for the 1893 World’s Fair<<

    Very interesting. I just finished reading a non-fiction book about the trials and tribulations of building the 1893 World Fair, and specifically America's first serial killer (Dr. H. H. Holmes) who established a hotel affectionately now known as the 'Murder Castle" around the same time. The book (fantastic, btw) is called "The Devil In White City". I wonder if your hotel was the one…there can't be many left.

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