I just spent a week in Chicago with a bunch of foodies eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the work day, my team hunkered down in a conference food stressed to extreme laughter around a table full of candy, cheesecake, and chocolate covered strawberries and Oreos. We had a blast, but I feel like I could blow up. I don’t like to eat out that much, and I ate lots of candy I don’t normally eat. Sugar coma!

There were some great meals and not so great meals. Today, though, we ended with a bang.


Salseria is a Mexican Restaurant in the Sears Tower – except it’s now called the Willis Tower. No one calls it that though. It’s kinda like the Ford Amphitheater will never be the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheater unless I’m
making fun of Gary. Meanwhile, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

As Salseria’s name implies, they have a salsa bar. I was fortunate to sit on the outside of the table so I could keep the table stocked with various salsas. There was mild. There was sweet. And best of all there was spicy.

Their guacamole was killer as well. I had more than my share. Yum.

Keeping with the avocado theme, for lunch I had chilled avocado soup – a vegi broth with pureed corn and avocados, topped with mint. It was so-so. But what can you really expect with chilled soups? That’s entering an iffy area.

And then there was the salad of the week that erased all the overpriced, lame salads from my memory.

Check out this bad boy.


I was in avocado heaven! Others were evening drooling over my salad which doesn’t happen much when competing with burritos and fajitias.

In other news, here are some more pics from runs around the city. I managed to get a solid run in everyday! I might just be over my running slump!!!!




I’m at O’Hare now about to board my flight. I’m looking forward to seeing my husband, my dog, and sleeping in my own bed in a few hours!

Don’t you love avocados?

Be well,



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3 responses to “Salseria

  1. Nice post. I went to Chicago about 7 years ago with work and we went to a bar at the top of the sears tower..amazing views and if I remember correctly, pretty good cocktails too!!

  2. That salad looks divine. I have only recently discovered my love of avocados but I am HOOKED.

    Looks like Chicago was fab – I’ve been once when I was a kid, but I only vaguely remember going to the top of the Sears Tower, and that’s it. I’ll definitely have to make it out there again sometime! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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