Bottle Filling Stations

I admit it. I’m particular about my water. So even though I always travel with an empty water bottle, I have to be really desperate to fill it up at a water fountain. I normally just wait till I board the plane and ask the flight attendent to fill it up with bottled water.


Yesterday when traveling home from Chicago, I was pleased to see this water bottle station.


Maybe its all mental, but I felt like the water tasted much better than city tap water.


There was even a ticker to let me know how I helped eliminate wastes.


Stay hydrated folks (and forgive my typos. I’m on my phone typing this.)

Do you have a fancy water bottle that you reuse?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Be well,



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5 responses to “Bottle Filling Stations

  1. I don’t use a “fancy” water bottle, but with two little boys and one big boy, the four of us use a lot of reusable water bottles! I think we have about 10 between the four of us (not to mention all those reusable coffee mugs to be filled up at Starbucks or wherever). I always love when events give away reusable water bottles. I’ve never seen one of those refilling stations at an airport. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for them. (I’m Caroline in St. Pete. Love discovering local bloggers.)

  2. wow that is such a cool idea! i hate plastic bottles. hopefully more cities will adopt these fountains soon.

  3. I’m very particular about my water too. I would totally be fine with tap water if it didn’t taste funny. But that airport water filling station is just too cool! I would love to see those everywhere. 🙂

  4. that is the coolest lookin thing ive ever seen!!!

    i use one of those clear iced coffee cups they sell at starbucks. i loveeee it

  5. Katherina

    That sounds awesome, filtered water fountain! You should look into the CamelBak Groove? It’s just been circling the blogs lately, but it has it’s own filtering system in the water bottle!

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