Hands Across the Sand

I am looking forward to this Saturday for two reasons.

One:  The Clearwater Community Sailing Center’s Open Water swim race.

This race is super low-key, small, and most of all fun.  It is a summer series to raise money for kids to go to sailing camp, and I enjoy supporting the cause while trying to kick some bootay.  I have a dream of sailing around the world.  First, I should probably attend their  kiddie camp to learn the basics.  I’ve only sailed as a co-captain before barking commands like, “Pass me a another beer.”

At last year’s race, my husband and I were neck and neck until he made the wrong turn.  I yelled at him to get back on course, and I was certain I had the win…. only to run out of the water, cross the finish line, and see him sipping on a glass of water. I’ve been hitting the pool pretty good this year, so Dave has made himself look real busy this weekend for fear of losing the title.


Two:  Hands Across the Sand.

Hands Across the Sand is

a movement made of people of all walks of life and political affiliations and the borders of the world.  This movement is not about politics – it is about the protection of our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife and fisheries.  The accidents that continue to happen in offshore drilling are a threat to all of the above.  Expanding offshore drilling is not the answer; embracing Clean Energy is.

So while the BP oil spill is now a distant memory, let’s not let the momentum fade for opposing off shore drilling and embracing Clean Energy.

Will you join hands with fellow citizens of this Earth and make a stand in what you believe in?

See you at the Clearwater Beach Pier!

Be well,



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5 responses to “Hands Across the Sand

  1. Good luck, killer! Do you have a finishing time goal in mind?

  2. I was planning on a group ride but you’ve tempted me. I haven’t done a pure open water race in awhile. And I love that it’s for a good cause. I just may see you out there!

  3. Pat

    Good luck…wish we were there to watch you swim and support
    Hands Across the Sand. Go Carolyn Go… Mom and Dad

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