Keeping Sane.

Life is about to get real crazy.  Free time – me time – is about to be cut in half.  Thirds.  Fifths. 

Something has to give.  Okay, many things.   So, tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off at 4am for the first of five trips this month, I have to be ready to rock it. 

And I have to have a plan. 

My secret to having sunny spirits and high energy is to maintain the three things that keep me sane – 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, daily exercise, and healthy eating.  I have to be able to do this while rising early for flights, sleeping in funky positions on red eyes, tossing and turning on hard hotel mattresses, and grabbing food on the go while visiting clients in Washington DC, California, Arkansas, and Florida, and finally, on to a relaxing, rejuvenating vacation in Rhode Island.  

( Let’s just say July is really going to help my frequent flyer status. )

So here is my plan to keeping sane and not being lame. 

1.  Wake-up 30 minutes earlier than normal.  Subsequently go to be 30 minutes earlier.

2.  Stop checking twitter, my spam email accounts, blogs and facebook first thing when I wake up.  I really don’t care about your sister’s ex-boyfriend’s new wife’s brother who just had a baby.  So why the hell am I looking at these photos?  I could be using that 10 extra minutes for shut-eye or could have run 1 mile in that time.  Subsequently, this also needs to stop before bed.

3.  Unsubscribe from said blogs.  There are only so many toppings you can add to your oatmeal before I check-out.  Or need to. 

4.  Stop multi-tasking.  Sending emails, while cooking dinner, while talking to my husband who is getting annoyed because I’m not paying attention, while “petting the dog” with my foot, while burning the tofu, isn’t really getting me ahead.  Though Lucky doesn’t seem to mind. 

5.  Find a swim team while on the road to train with.  First destination – DC – two teams found– and they both practice at 7pm which means I can make the practices.  This is a great perk of being a US Masters Swimming member.

6.  Book hotels with decent gyms.  Subsequently, book hotels that are close to vegetarian friendly restaurants.  (A little easier in DC than say, Little Rock – I’d imagine.) 

7.  Locate YMCAs and check out their spin class schedule to get some time on the bike.  Do this while walking the dog the day before leaving for said trip.  Most YMCAs allow for out of town guests to use any facility nationwide.  Call YMCA to confirm because some Y’s, like in DC, charge out of towners $10.  Totally a racket, but if I booked a hotel with a good gym, I can save that $10 and go to Lululemon on a shopping spree.  Just saying.

8.  Always have a healthy snack on hand – apple, pear, granola bar, everything but the kitchen sink, etc.  The Atlanta airport doesn’t even know that vegan is a word in the English language. 

9.  Search iPhone Map for “Vegan.”  This brings me to restaurants like Mr. Kabob in a sea of Red Lobster’s.  They might be sketchy joints, but if you feel safe and the word ‘vegetarian’ appears on their menu, give them a shot.  Come on.  Support local business. 

10.  Finally, put my blog on hold.  Unless, you know, if I’m blogging on my phone while walking to the office, while calling the YMCA to see when their next spin class is, and eating Starbucks oatmeal.  Oh shit.  That violates #4. 

Any other suggestions?

See you on the flip-side.

Be well,



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7 responses to “Keeping Sane.

  1. I’m dealing with some of the same things (except having to do all of that and travel!) and I’m trying similar techniques starting this week. I’m putting limits on when during the day I check my email/Facebook/Twitter and utilizing Hootsuite more to manage my social media (scheduling tweets/posts is a life saver, then you just have to check back in for comments and replys). Also, reading blogs…yeah I had to cut back on that majorly. I made sure I was already following all the bloggers I like to read on Twitter and then cleaned house in my Google Reader! Now I don’t feel overwhelmed b/c I have 207 unread posts but I can still follow those bloggers and when I have time, stop by and see what’s new.

    I’m a ridiculous multi-tasker and not great at planning ahead especially for healthy meals/snacks!

    • Oh goodie… you are planning a wedding! Such a wonderful (ahem! highly stressful) time in your life. I’ve been there girl. Much like this month I’m about to embark on with work travel… yeah, it was like that the month before my wedding. INSANE.

      Hang in there. And thanks for the tips!

  2. Good Grief! You are busy! Have, uh, fun? On all your trips! Good Luck swimming across the bay, I think that’s in July in RI… Maybe when you get back we can plan a relaxing beach trip.

    I like your plan. Well thought out, and pretty detailed! I need get a plan of attack for our trip in August.. That is not going to be a health-friendly trip. =/

  3. Geeze – 5 trips? That’s a lot! Hope all goes well & that we hear from you when you get back & things settle down!

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  5. Not sure I’m digging the whole ‘put the blog on hold’ dealie, but you have to do what you have to do. Personally, I’d rather chop out showertime over keyboard time but, then again, I do live on my own. lol!

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