Fresh Thymes

“A local, organic, seasonal food experience.”

This review is LONG overdue considering I went to Fresh Thymes in April, and here it is almost August.  I’m stuck on a plane with no internet access, so I thought better late than never.  (And now, here I am a week after I first starting drafting this, finishing up.  Life has been moving very fast as of late.)

Fresh Thymes

Fresh Thymes is “a local, organic, seasonal food experience” located in Wilmington, Delaware.  I found Fresh Thymes on the trusty iPhone map when searching “vegan” on a drive from Harford County, Maryland to Philadelphia. 

Located in a corner brownstone, Fresh Thymes is a small, neighborhood joint which boasts a bright and cheery interior.  With around 10 tables, it can pack in a small crowd for their delicious and healthy food, coffee, and baked goods. 

Fresh Thymes3 Fresh Thymes2

I went for lunch in a rush, which is always dicey in these kind of places.  They either have their shit together, or they try to pull off one of those “I’m an organic, vegan joint, and you will wait 30 minutes while I peel and dice each carrot with love while reciting a Buddhist chant.”  Luckily, this was no such place. 

I grabbed a table, looked over the menu in a hot second and placed my order – veggie wrap (it had a fancier name if I remember correctly, but I’m without internet access right now) with a side of tabbeluh salad and a hazelnut coffee roast with almond milk. 

Fresh Thymes5 meal

The veggie wrap was fresh and delicious oozing with guacamole – a favorite of mine.  The tabbeluh salad, however, wasn’t all that great.  I suspect it fell in the “raw food” category in which they “sprouted” the grain.  This meant it was a bit hard and crunchy versus the soft and slightly chewy cooked version.  I still ate it though.  In fact I ate every last bite on my plate –  greens and all. 

The coffee was noteworthy and that is coming from someone who couldn’t tell a 7-11 coffee special from the highest end blend if someone slapped me with it. 

I really liked that coffee….

Fresh Thymes4 cookies

More than the vegan chocolate chip cookies I ate while on the road.  And that is saying a lot.  I love my chocolate

The cookies  were not made by Fresh Thymes though, so the restaurant still comes out on top with winning service, healthy food and amazing coffee.

If you are in the area, I definitely recommend dining at Fresh Thymes.

Eat well,


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  1. Just drove by there today on my way to the Delaware Art Museum! Looking forward to going back to try it!

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