Karyn’s on Green, an Upscale Vegan Dining Experience

This week I am in Chicago famously known for it’s deep dish pizza and franks.  Unfortunately neither are vegan friendly, and while I could find a vegan substitute, I’d prefer not to do a disservice to the classics.  Instead I opted to get my Chicago food fix by visiting a local restaurant and enjoying a contemporary vegan meal at Karyn’s on Green.

Dining Room from Stairs(source)

I don’t normally dine at such fine establishments when I am traveling solo, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to experience a local, upscale vegan restaurant in the Windy City. 


I sat at the bar, taking in the scenery and studying the menu.  Look real close, and there I am next to Buddha himself. 

IMG_0564[1]“Making Vegan Sexy”

I could not make up my mind on what to order.  Normally I have one or two options to choose when I dine out,  but Karyn’s had a full vegan menu.  I wasn’t feeling very well, so I stayed away from the large plates – Barbeque “Pork” or Buffalo “Chicken.”  I did see some large plates being delivered and large they were.  Karyn’s does not skimp on the food. 

After discussing things with my waiter, I decided on the Kale Slaw from the salads section and a Maki sushi roll from the small plates. 

When my food arrived, my eyes quickly grew.  There was no way I was going to be able to eat all that food.   This was definitely not a small plate meal by my standards. 


First up was the Maki roll.


This sushi roll was light and refreshing, nothing too special, but the mango and avocado combo added a nice creamy-tart touch to the roll.  The chipotle aioli was a nice change to the typical soy sauce for a dipper. 

I ate a few rolls and pushed it to the side to make room for the kale slaw.  When that arrived, it was overflowing the kale goodness. 



Unfortunately, the sesame vinaigrette really overpowered this salad.  The apple and cashews did add a nice touch to the slaw, but again, the dressing really saturated the salad leaving what could be a nice light dish, very heavy.

I enjoyed the ambiance and dining experience at Karyn’s.  Next time I’ll come hungry, and try an entrée. 

Eat well,



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5 responses to “Karyn’s on Green, an Upscale Vegan Dining Experience

  1. I am so not a sushi person but that vegan sushi looks sssoooo good! I would be all over that! What does Kale taste like? I’ve never had it!

  2. What an amazing restaurant! There aren’t any upscale veg places where i live, so that place looks so awesome!

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  4. Thaddeus Dynakowski

    This is Thaddeus Dynakowski, Operations Manager at Karyn’s On Green, just wanted to say thank you for the kind words…fall menu rolls out Sept 23rd, if your back in Chicago come check it out…

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