Busboys & Poets–DC Vegan Eats

I’m fortunate to get to travel to DC a few times a year for work and get to visit one of my best friends, Brooke, while I’m here.  Brooke and I met in the Peace Corps, have had numerous adventures abroad, numerous adventures on US soil – hiking in Zion, canoeing in St. Louis, etc. and she stood by my side on my wedding day


Normally I try to stay at her place so we can catch up on life and make bimbimbap, but this trip is very short,  so she came to see me downtown julie brown. 

And she brought her main squeeze – Patrick – who I was thrilled to finally meet.  These two are made for each other. 


Our mission tonight was some grub so we headed to Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets is a super chill restaurant / coffee shop / bookstore hybrid where hipsters, vegans, young professionals and intellectuals collide.


If you look in one direction there are people dining, in the other someone is browsing the web, turn around and there is a group of friends toasting at the bar, and behind you smarty pants is reading a book. 


You might think with such a blended establishment they might be super sucky in one area, but that was not the case at all.  Plus, this blended approach is the only way a bookstore can stay in business these days. 


I learned my lesson last week in Chicago.  I was not skimping and calling two sides dinner.  No, I went all out on an entrée.  Baller. 

The pan-seared basil tofu was my choice, as I felt it had a nice portion of protein atop some leafy green.



You could call me Popeye when I was done. 

Brooke and Patrick humored me and let me take pictures of their meals.  I had to admit to Patrick that I was a “blogger” so he wouldn’t think I was a nutcase for taking photos of what I eat.

Here we have the chicken salad sandwich which had some mighty delicious sweet potato fries that I kindly helped take off Brooke’s hands.


And next up is the tilapia. 


The only thing remaining from all three plates when were were done was a pile of red onions and a mini pickle. 

I’d say we all enjoyed our meals. 

So, until next time Brooke… maybe I’ll be seeing you on a Caribbean Island.

For now though, the ultra hip Busboys and Poets will do.


Eat well,


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