The good feelings.

I’m not quite sure when October snuck up on me, but somehow it did.  I’m sure you are feeling the same way as you slowly start to pull your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and (gasp!) Christmas decorations from the attic. 

After spending much of the past three months on the road for work, it feels nice to settle back into a routine.  Of course too much of a routine and I’m itching to get back on the road.  I’m confused. Not to worry though as I have one work trip coming up in November and two in December, coupled with traveling to the in-laws for Thanksgiving and to my parents for Christmas.  I guess the next few months won’t be so quiet after all. 

As I alluded to in a previous post,  I was feeling a bit out of “racing shape.”  I said the best way to get back in was to set a goal and start moving towards it. 

So that’s what I did.  The day after I wrote that post, I got out my calendar, penciled in some races and forked over my hard earned dollars. 

Here is what’s to come:

October 22nd – Suncoast Triathlon, Ft. DeSoto (Holy shit, that’s this Saturday!)  November 24th – Turkey Trot 5k, Palm Beach
December 21st – Jingle Bell Run 5k, Dallas
January 8th –  Frogman’s 5k Open Water Swim, Tampa Bay

It has been since April since I’ve raced outside of open water swimming, and I’m a bit nervous about how I will perform running.  I have a distinct memory of throwing in the towel during my last 5k and of wanting to curl over and die after running a PR last December. 

The latter feeling is how I felt this morning as I kicked some major ass on the treadmill.  Or did the treadmill majorly kick my ass? 

Here is what went down: 

6 minutes easy (5.5 mph – 11:20 pace)

3 x {3 minutes fast (7.7 mph  – 7:47 pace – 20 seconds faster than 5k PR pace.)
        {3 minutes slow (5.5 mph – 11:20 pace)

6 minutes easy (5.5 mph – 11:20 pace)

3 x {3 minutes fast (7.7 mph – 7:47 pace – 20 seconds faster than 5k PR pace.)
        {3 minutes slow (5.5 mph – 11:20 pace)

6 minutes easy (5.5 mph – 11:20 pace)

Holding a 7:47 pace for 3 minute intervals nearly killed me. But I did it.  It was a head battle that is for sure, and I thought my legs might buckle on me and I’d fall and hit my head and forget the last 10 years like Alice did in What Alice Forget, our Book Club’s October book. 

I wouldn’t remember Dave.  Lucky.  The Peace Corps.  My Wedding.  Graduating College.  Working for Granicus.  Or how good it felt to say I ran a sub 25 – 5k (in reindeer ears).

The good feelings.  Bring ‘em on.



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2 responses to “The good feelings.

  1. Good luck at your race this weekend! I haven’t raced in nearly a year, so I am curious what it will be like when I decide to make my comeback.

  2. Hey! How did your Suncoact Tri go? Inquiring nosy bloggers want to know!

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