Christmas Wish Lists

Putting together my Christmas wish list at my age feels a little wrong, but my family considers helping the economy the reason for the season. Since the loved ones in my life do better with direction, a list it is.

Last year we had a little bit of a snafu with the wish lists. I made the mistake of sending my complete wish list to both my mom and sister. My sister made the mistake of sending her boyfriend’s wish list (or my sister’s wish list for her boyfriend) to my mom and I. Since the McGee girls are very quick and efficient, the second we got the list, we turned to Amazon to nail out our Christmas shopping with a few clicks of the mouse.

Turns out, many duplicate gifts were purchased. Returning an electric pressure cooker to Amazon costs more than the gift itself. Not to mention, this year the same exact pressure cooker is on my list. Well, one of my lists anyways. Don’t tell my sister! I don’t need two of these bad boys.

Moleskin Wellness Journal

Wellness Journal

I’m a journal junkie. I guess there are worse addictions. But I plan on tracking my 2012 exercise journey in this sucker, along with my other 10 journals and two online spreadsheet. If only I was as efficient in my journaling department as I was with my Christmas shopping.

Cusinart Electric Pressure Cooker


Cooking black beans from scratch no longer means soaking beans overnight and overflowing pots. Now if only Santa will bring me more cabinet space to store this boat in.

Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure


With every new toy comes a book to show you the way.

University of Texas LS Shirt x 2

image image

In the land of Florida Gators, I have to represent the Texas Longhorns.

Shiva Rea Vinyasa Flow DVD & Shiva Rea Fluid Power DVD

image image

Shiva Rea videos are the best yoga DVDs. And the only ones I’ve ever tried. Her yoga voice is better than the most annoying yoga teacher you’ve ever had. She will take you on a magical journey. Buckle up.

Drymax Socks


Since strangers are beginning to point out that I’m wearing one grey sock and one orange sock, I guess it’s time to get new ones.



Santa already delivered this. And let me tell you, watching old episodes of MadMen just got easier. I no longer have to spend 2 days downloading it illegally from some Japanese website. Or watching it from an 8 in. computer screen. With my headphones on.

Michael Kors Watch


Because I occasionally try to be stylish.

So there you have it folks. If you wanted to get me a present, don’t buy off this list.

Unless, it’s another Roku for the guest bedroom.

Merry Christmas!



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3 responses to “Christmas Wish Lists

  1. sara

    I have the Shiva Rea prenatal yoga dvd. I’m embarrassed to tell you whether I’ve tried it yet, with 6 days to go. (I’ve def done the 10 minute pilates video though so I’m not *that* much of a slacker). There is a good post natal section of the video to do with the baby and I plan to do that for sure. Great list! Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Sara,
      I’ll let you borrow my DVDs if Santa delivers after the baby is born! Or I’ll drag you to a yoga class! Merry Christmas. Did you get Brian a roku yet? xx

  2. That pressure cooker is the best thing invented. And now I think you have inspired me to add a new item to *my* list–that book! Ooooohhh, mama like 🙂

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