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Hi there.

Two out of the three dinners the past few nights are worthy of sharing.  Last night’s was a let down though.  Hey, you win some, you lose some! 

Now I know never to call anything on my blog “the best ever” or give it any other sort of praise worthy of blowing your socks off.  Something I may love, you may hate.  Noted. 

And with that… I give you…

The Best Vegan Tacos
(Damn, I really need to work on my adjective usage on here.)

This is an oldie but goodie, that has been sitting in the vault for some time.  I’ve been trying to up my iron intake as the doctor is riding me about my iron levels, so tofu has been making a grand appearance in more and more dinners.  It really is a very versatile “thing.”  

Veggie Lasagna


Again, I must say, tofu is so amazing.  This recipe included a “cheese” filling that was quite tasty.  It was delicious in this lasagna, and it would make a great filling for stuffed shells.  This recipe takes a little over an hour to make, so start early (noted), but it makes a lot and you’ll have leftovers for days to come.  This is perfect for a family or to freeze.  I will  be upping the veggies next go around because I can never have too many of them. 

Chickpea Tacos

This was sadly the letdown recipe.  I’m not sure what it was – the hype?  my taco seasoning?  the fact I doubled the recipe thinking it was going to be amazing?  Happy Herbivore’s recipes normally are stellar, so I’m left scratching my head (and drowning in leftover chickpeas!).   Cook at your own risk. 


Have you made any delicious vegan recipes lately?  Please share your favorite quick and easy dinner recipes!

Be well,




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  1. EdR

    Set a plate or two…what time is dinner?

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment! I got my dress from Old Navy, I had to drive all the way to Tampa because it’s the only store with a maternity section and I wanted to see the quality and how they fit. It’s a decent enough dress! 🙂

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