Running for Two

I am happy to announce that Dave and I are expecting our first baby in September!

12 week ultra sound

And… It’s a girl!


The first trimester kicked my ass. I have never felt fatigue like that in my life. The morning sickness was also a constant.

I was training for a half marathon when I found out we were pregnant. Despite feeling like crap, I managed to keep up with a modified training plan. I ran 4-5 miles a few times a week (cutting most of the long weekend runs) and did yoga the other days. My longest run was 11 miles 6 weeks before the race, and I ran a 10 miler 2 weeks before as a test to see if I could run the half mary. All was a go.

In March, I crossed the finish line of the Sarasota Half Marathon at 12 weeks pregnant in 2:17. I ran every second of the race, albeit slow and steady, and finished strong. I felt so proud that I stuck with my training and finished the race, especially through the first trimester of pregnancy.

Those bridges didn’t even break me!

After injuries and mental setbacks before becoming pregnant, finishing Sarasota re-confirmed my love of running. Now I’m doing it for fun. The Garmin stays at home. I bring the dog. I don’t care how fast or how far I’m running. I just need the daily sweat to remind me how grateful I am to be able to live.

At 14 weeks, Dave and I ran the Robinson Preserve 5k. It was a night race, and I ran 45 minutes that morning, so I had no goals. I told myself, to run strong and walk the water stops. Dave stayed by my side, which was nice since he’s much faster than I. We finished hand in hand in 30:10. Coming through that finish line, I definitely felt tired, like I had to work hard for that time. And no competitive person wouldn’t be a tad annoyed to miss a sub- anything by 10 seconds. My next goal was then formed.

I kept at it. The second trimester has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been feeling more and more like myself, able to exercise 7 days a week like I was pre-pregnancy and eating healthy, though more, throughout the day. (Yes, I’m still a vegan!)

For Mother’s Day, our fam – Dave, Lucky, and I, headed to Palm Harbor for the I Love Mother’s Day 5k. The race was in a local park and pretty casual – no chip timing, stroller and family friendly. I lined up a few rows back from the starting line and took off at the gun. Not wearing a watch, I had no clue of my pace. I (secretly) had a goal to break 30 minutes and set a pregnancy PR that I was really proud of.

I had a different strategy this race. I ran with a bottle of water so I didn’t have to stop at the water stops, was very aware of running the tangents, and was aggressive in picking targets and passing them by. I felt great. I didn’t know if I was running 10 minute miles or 8, but I was enjoying every second – me and my baby girl were cruising.

When the finish line was within sight, I picked it up, passed my last victim, and cruised through the finish. I honestly thought I was seeing things. The clock read 26:xx. I had to look back to make sure it was actually on AND working. I felt great. I definitely put in effort, but I was feeling good.

21 weeks pregnant, and I ran a 26:33 5k. Now that is a pregnancy 5k PR I am very proud of.

21 weeks pregnant

So as I go into the 22nd week of this pregnancy journey, I marvel at the power of my body. Another being is growing inside me, and I still have the strength to run, swim, spin, and yoga along.

Life is good!



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25 responses to “Running for Two

  1. Good for you! I am glad you’re feeling great these days. I have to wonder- how was it running through the morning sickness? I know many people who have kept active throughout their pregnancy, but I know that constant nausea can be a major setback. I started out my pregnancy exercising regularly, but by about 7 weeks I could barely stand, let alone work out! I was able to slowly get back at it around 18 or 20 weeks. Did you find that your nausea lessened while you ran, or did you push through?

    • Hi there!
      The first trimester was literally hell on earth. Call me dramatic, but I seriously was questioning how women could go on and have more babies. I thought the fatigue and morning sickness would never, ever end.

      I didn’t find out I was pregnant right away, so i thought i was really tired from lots of work travel. I was on the road every week in January. Since I’m a hard ass, i pushed myself not knowing what was going on. Honestly, I think if I hadn’t been training for a race I might have slept in more, but I just cut back on the miles and kept at it.

      I feel like I had some runs where I just shut my eyes and ran. I was that tired.

      I also listened to pregtastic podcasts while I ran. Have you listened to them before? They are great. That made me realize that what I’m feeling is normal and an end is in sight during the 2nd Tri.

      Hope you are feeling well!

  2. theresaschroder

    Congratulations again! I’m still so sad I didn’t run into you at SRQ – it would have been great to see you again. If you ever do the Robinson Preserve run again you’ll have to let me know – we live only 3 miles from RP & run there all the time! (Skipped the race this year though because we had family flying in that evening.)

    I’m so impressed you’ve been able to run so well during your pregnancy so far. I barely have the motivation to run now, so I can’t imagine what I’ll feel like whenever we (hopefully) get pregnant. And a 26 min 5k? Insane!

    • A break from running is good to recharge! You raced a lot this season.

      Dave and I would like to go back to Robinson Preserve with the dog, if allowed, and check it out again. I’ll let you know when that happens.

  3. Now THAT is impressive and inspiring. Way to go Carolyn! πŸ™‚

  4. sara

    I’m so happy for you, I’m a little verklempt. Just wait until that baby comes and you will understand being a total sap.

  5. Congratulations Carolyn! It’s awesome that you are feeling good and still able to exercise and run. Best wishes!

    • Thanks Caroline! Are you off the injured list yet?

      • Not really. I tried to do two mile last week and my hip was so painful the next day that I could barely walk. I’m thinking I need more time off running. Nothing else seems to make it hurt…it’s the impact I think. I’m going to concentrate on losing some weight and biking/swimming/weights/yoga over the next month and then try running again. Thanks.

  6. mm1970

    Wow, that’s amazing! When I was at my 20th HS reunion (uh, several years ago), I talked to a classmate who was slim and trim with a 7-month old. I was SO impressed. She told me she ran into the 7th month.

    I am very impressed with someone who can do that. I couldn’t make it through the first trimester. I’m >7 months pregnant now. I was running regularly when I got pregnant in October, but the 1st trimester just kicked my butt. I couldn’t make it through. I’m still taking spin classes, walking, and swimming though

    Of course, my age doesn’t help (my 20th COLLEGE reunion is this year), but my advice: keep on going as long as you can! I stayed active all the way through my last pregnancy, and hope to do the same this one, even if at the end all I’m able to do is walk 2 miles.

    And that 5k PR kicks ass.

    • Marcia,
      Congrats on your pregnancy! I plan on keeping up with things for as long as I can. We’ll see if I can be slim and trim with a 7-month old as well. That would be nice, but no pressure. πŸ˜‰

  7. You are awesome, Carolyn! I could barely function during my 1st trimester, let alone get off the couch and I was CERTAINLY not running races like you. I’m so happy for you and your little girl! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Meghan. I was so proud of that half marathon because it was the first time I felt strong in months. First trimester pregnancy is NO joke. I thought the fatigue would.never.end. Thankfully I feel back to myself now. I’ll ride this out cause I know it won’t last too much longer. Ha. But once our baby is here, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it.

  8. CONGRATS!!!!
    can’t believe you ran a half marathon while pregnant – you are amazing & my idol haha

    • All it took was a little, okay a lot, more push out of bed in the AM. You think it’s hard to get started with no coffee now, just wait. LOL

  9. Congratulations on the growing family!!

  10. Congratulations! That’s so awesome! Great job on keeping up with the running and taking the pressure off of yourself to get a PR! πŸ™‚

  11. This is so inspiring to read! Congrats on all your running achievements while pregnant. I just found your blog through Meaghann’s and will defintely be following you on your fitness and pregancy journey! πŸ™‚

    • I need to do an update πŸ™‚ Thankfully that race was amazing, but the running has taken a back seat for 2 weeks now due to back pain. Bummer. At least I have the pool.

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