New Year, New Thoughts

Normally at this time of year, I’m planning the next. Setting goals. Reflecting upon the previous twelve months and deciding what I can do better the next twelve.

Not this year.

I’m no longer trying to lose 5lbs. I’m no longer trying to fit into those skinny jeans. I’m no longer trying to PR.

Those things all seem selfish at this point in my life. Everything I do now is for my family. Instead I run and swim so I am strong, healthy and a good role model for my daughter. I eat healthy food because I feed my daughter my milk. I work hard so I can save for my daughter’s education.

So this year I’m not going to beat myself up about what I failed to live up to in the past but focus on being healthy and happy in the future.

Happy New Year!




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7 responses to “New Year, New Thoughts

  1. So cute! She looks like you. 🙂
    Funny how babies change your whole outlook.

  2. Great outlook! I love this perspective.

  3. Terra Kroll

    She is so darn cute.
    Happy New Year, Carolyn.

  4. Love this! I came here to look for your pressure cooker from your Christmas list last year (or was it the year before? Time goes so fast now) and before I got here I thought about how different I bet your wish list was this year from that one! In a good way. Motherhood suits you and you are a beautiful family. Happy new year mama 🙂

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